The mighty shores of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, not to be confused (but often is anyway) with Planet Zimbabwe, is a country-like mass located somewhere (probably) on Earth, (probably) somewhere in the eastern hemisphere. It is (probably) a very popular tourist location, and is (probably) renowned for its huge coastal shores.


Zimbabwe is mostly composed of vast, empty desert densely populated by the Zimbabwe pig. There is one large mountain, Mt. Zimbabwe, and there are a few small rainforests. There are also, of course, the mighty shores of Zimbabwe.

Politics and EconomyEdit

Zimbabwe is, technically, ruled by one monarch known only as the king of Zimbabwe. However, only one person, Hovenbeet, is ever known to have seen him.

A majority of Zimbabwe's citizens live in igloos on Mt. Zimbabwe, in Zimbabwe city, on Zimbabwe street. This is what most of the city looks like, with the exception of a great, spectacular parliament building. If you were to go inside it, however, you would find that it is hollow, with the exception of the "Head Office", which is at the very top of the building, and is currently unreachable (which raises the question of how the king of Zimbabwe got up there, since it's his office). It used to be that if you tried to get to the head office, a giant giraffe as big as the building itself would try to eat you(1). For that reason, there is a giraffe shaped hole in the floor of the head office, because the giraffe is the king of Zimbabwe's secretary. Because the king of Zimbabwe was really lazy and didn't do anything, the giraffe mostly typed up spreadsheets and sorted documents all using its tongue. This actually raises the question of what these documents were for, because the Head Office has no telephones, no internet connection, no mail (because the giraffe eats it all) and no other communication devices.

1. this is no longer the case, because Hovenbeet paid a visit to the Head Office after recieving spam asking him to take a trip to the shores of Zimbabwe. He then travelled there, and after the giraffe tried to eat him, he shot it dead with an A#, then teleported himself up to the Head Office. This was done in vain, however, because the king of Zimbabwe was so angry about Hovenbeet killing his giraffe that it was impossible to communicate with him.


Most native Zimbabwe chaps follow the religion "Zimbabwe Bimbabwe", which is essentially where you talk about Zimbabwe and how amazing it is. The priests are known is "Bimbabwezays", the result of which is, because Zimbabwe is a fairly common name there, many priests are called "Bimbabwezay Zimbabwe".