The turdmig system is a system used to describe how irritating people are. For each "level of irritatingness", there is a new word system which must be used.

Level one:

Notches for level one:

  • Mr. Hair
  • Idiot
  • Feces
  • Nincompoop
  • Nincomfeces

Level two:

Notches for level 2:

  • Stupid Turdmig
  • Turdmig McNincomfeces
  • Turdmig Mig McNincomfeces
  • Turdmig MigMig McNincomfeces
  • Turdmig MigMigMig McNincomfeces
  • Turdmig MigMigMigMig McNincomfeces
  • Turdmig MigMigMigMigMig McNincomfeces

Level three:

Notches for level 3:

  • BlargMig
  • BlargMig McNincomfeces
  • Blargmig MigMig McNincomfeces
  • Blargmig MigMigMig McNincomfeces
  • Blargmig MigMigMigMig McNincomfeces
  • Blargmig MigMigMigMigMig McNincomfeces

Level four:

As of November 2011, someone has managed to penetrate level four of the turdmig system. Here are the notches:

  • Crabby Flabby
  • Crabbymig Flabby
  • Crabbymigmig Flabby
  • Crabbymigmigmig Flabby
  • Crabbymigmigmig Flabby McNincomfeces
  • Crabbymigmigmig Flabby McnincomfecesBag

Level five and up:

These will be added as needed. Keep in mind that by the time someone reaches level three, you have the uncontrollable urge to punch them in the face, so anything past here gets pretty hard to measure.