The big bang

The big bang is that irritating little thingy which did not like organ music, and thus exploded. It is the sworn enemy of hovenbeet and the Great Space Organ.

The Big Bang was actually created as a result of an accident with a MEUSM thing. Hovenbeet was trying to figure out what the MEUSM thing was for. Meanwhile, Steve of Hovenbeet was sneaking around the organ with a pair of bagpipes (A satisfactory reason for this has not yet been created). He snuck into the room that hovenbeet was in, and began playing the bagpipes, causing hovenbeet to fling the MEUSM thing into the air from surprise. It bounced off the ceiling, fell back down, and then bounced off his head, thereafter crashing into the bagpipes. A result of the physical violence to the MEUSM thing, the Big Bang was created, and so were 36 other MEUSM Things. When the Big Bang exploded, all of the MEUSM Things were flung across the Universe. Since then, Hovenbeet has been spending most of his time trying to find them. This may be significance of the number 37.