The Wild Businessman is a species of intelligent monkey

A typical briefcase.

originating from the planet Frok. It inhabits Business Parks, which are environments set up for the Wild Businessman. In appearance, the Businessman looks like a red-faced monkey with a spotless black suit and large, square sunglasses. It is always carrying it's briefcase. You see, inside the briefcase resides it's second brain. It's first brain isn't any different from a regular monkey, however it's second brain enables it to speak with other monkeys in Frokian. It also makes the monkey rather aggressive, and greedy for more briefcases, and so a great deal of their time is spent trying to obtain the briefcases of other monkeys. When a monkey is seperated from it's briefcase, it will go insane and hurl rocks and things at the unfortunate thief. Thus originated the monkey game "Catch the Briefcase", which is where you run up to the enemy, hit them over the head with your briefcase, steal their brain, and then run away as quickly as possible before he catches up and maims you.

To the casual observer, provided he hadn't been briefcased, they appear to sit around and shreik at each other, until they get bored and attack each other. This, as it turns out, is exactly what happens. An observer who isn't casual may be able to understand what they're talking about, which ends up being a fair bit of nonsense. Most conversations involve being angry at taxes, company profits, and their salary.