An exact replica of the Shovels, except this one is made completely from metal.

The shovel was a race native to the planet Migdork VII. They lived on the planet's surface. The race of shovel dug trough the planet's rocky surface until they reached the frozen magma in the mantle. Since the shovel's handle could not pierce through ice, they evolved. They decided to use the metal end of their bodies. This was later known as the 'shovel' end. The metal end pierced the ice, and it was discovered on the other side of the ice there was another race. This race was called the spade. The spades got angry at the shovels for disturbing their homeland. The shovels decided to disguise themselves as spades by bending back the metal end to look like spades. Seemingly convinced, the spades let the shovels in. After the entire shovel race was in the spades' homeland, the spades left, and completely filled the hole that the shovels dug. Dug was a term invented by shovel to say what they do. They always used the word dug in every sentence that they say. An example is “what did you dug today,” or “why did the idiot dug me?” Then after the shovels were trapped into the homeland, they decided to go deeper, since they could get out. They scraped away at a layer of ice even deeper in the rocky planet with their spade-like shovel ends. When they got through, they reached the core of Migdork. The core was completely made of gasses. When the gasses were released, they engulfed and dissolved everything in and on the planet except the shovels.