The Migg's Particle is a basic particle that is a part of the Non-Standard Model. The Migg's formation typically occurs as a unique configuration of bosons that have been linked through a process called "quantum entanglement", however it includes an additional new particle (the Migg's Particle). You see, the existence of this particle uses string theory to finally explain the physics of headphone cables constantly tying themselves in knots. In addition, a series of calculation has created a growing school of though which believes that the particle can manifest itself in 2-dimensional fields. This would finally explain how the Migg's Particle is responsible for the irritating phenomenon when scotch tape, completely useless as it is, insists on sticking to itself. You see, the Migg's particle has the unique ability to travel and change state simultaneously, and affect the particles surrounding it. The exact mechanisms that cause it to be such an irritating bastard are currently not understood.

Non-standard model

A diagram of revised standard model. The migg's particle is seen in the bottom-right corner.