The Bag are a species of highly sophisticated humanoid beings occupying a planet which is also called The Bag. The Bag are renowned for their extreme intelligence, minor telepathic abilities, and their peculiar sense of humour.


The Bag are, as far as anyone knows, immortal, because to date every single member of The Bag have died, at the latest, at around 2 or 3 million years from an overdose of Hovenbeet.


Hovenbeet is known to have abilities superior to those of most of The Bag. This is probably due to long-term exposure to Space Organ technology. The specifics of this are unknown, but certain intergalactic anti-technology groups such as "One Million Aunts" have called him a cyborg, which they consider blasphemous.


The bag are remarkably lacking in cultural significance. They have one huge university, "The Bag Info Place", wherein people may study all sorts of things, basically whatever they want. However, everywhere else, pretty much their entire culture revolves around the reading and writing of joke books. Here is a famous example of a The Bag joke: "A guy walks into a dinosaur door. Poop in the hard hat."