Steve of Hovenbeet is a man who is deeply affiliated with Hovenbeet. He is god-like in many ways, but also seems to be rather human-ish; implying that he is a cross between whatever the hell hovenbeet's species is, and human. He is unusual because he doesn't die; rather, he just appears as another incarnation, looking basically the same. For example, one of his incarnrations, Oog'mablog Zurtmarf, got lost in a cave for hundreds of years, and then immediately after escaping, he was eaten by a small dog. This is what caused him to reincarnate into SteveMig. At some point, he may have been incarnated into someone whom Hovenbeet had planned to be known as Gluddig Beet Hoven of Van, but Steve of Hovenbeet got it mixed up and called himself Ludwig Van Beethoven. Despite this, his incarnation served its purpose, to bring Hovenbeet music to humanity. Who he is right now is unknown, although it has been speculated that he is fighting a war with the legion of Walker Men.

Steve Of Hovenbeet also has a spaceship which looks like a washing machine. It used to be a miniature version of The Great Space Organ, until an accident with a MEUSM Thing. Hovenbeet accidentally left a MEUSM Thing in Steve of Hovenbeet's organ, and when Steve of Hovenbeet was cleaning it out, he randomly tossed it out the window. Since MEUSM Things react to physical violence, its crash had quite an impressive effect. First, it was nearly incinerated in its entry, and then had a rather large impact. It was then run over by some car, and then was stepped on by a dinosaur. As a result, Steve of Hovenbeet's vessel was turned into a washing machine. This was also the death of the 17th MEUSM thing.