Gremlin: Space Gremlin
Size: 4 Feet
Habitat: Anywhere except the Great Space Organ and Utopia Of Hovenbeet
Food: Watching people get terrified
Appearance: Tall, bony, gray-green with a triangular head. Huge, bulging black eyes.
Purpose: Nork is the last of the race of Space Aliens, after one of his clanmates (Grog) was killed in the crossfire at a soup restaurant. This began when someone brought a fork, which was illegal at the time due to certain laws about proper soup-eating. Nork flies around in his saucer which deliberately makes wailing noises and lots of flashing light. He finds some area in the middle of nowhere and drops out of the sky in front of some poor drunken sod and then proceeds to wave his arms and make bleeping noises before getting back in and flying away. He then monitors the progress of the individual from space and laughs as the unsuspecting bloke relays his tale at a bar, before his friends carefully walk him home, all the while exchanging looks.

A drawing of Nork, made by some poor sod.