Migwig is a planet which exists so far out from the universe it is totally impossible. In fact, the light created by the big bang is not expected to reach the solar system it is in for an estimated 1.3 trillion years. It is a very odd planet. In the Gurk system, the solar system it is in, there are eleventeen planets, seventy-twelve moons, and a very big, fat, ugly, lumpy star. It is interesting that the star (called Bob) has any of these characteristics, because according to the laws of gravity it tends not to follow it should be perfectly round. Anyway, Migwig itself had two moons, Moo, and Oon, until they smashed together and were just called "Moonmig". The thingys which invented these names were called the Wigfolk, or just Miggities, and looked startlingly like nothing in particular. The Migwig planet is roughly earth-sized, and is covered with approximately 2/3rds land and 1/3rd water. By land, we mean some life-decorated dirt.

At some point, a MEUSM thing was mistaken for a piece of cheesecake, and since cheesecake is banned on MigWig, it was flushed down a nuclear toilet.

As a result, everything in the system (including the sun) was turned into a pineapple. The sun imploded and became a black hole, thus pulling in the rest of the system. Now, the whole thing is just a pineapple-shaped black hole.