The term mig is a term which is often used by Beethovenists to give praise to hovenbeet, or to shout at random stationary objects. (for example, a man drops a pineapple which then smashes into the ground just as one might expect from a pineapple. Disliking this ordinary result, he calls his lawyer and screams "Mig!" before hanging up). It is an approximate equivelant of Amen, however the term is not limited to culinary use. For an example: "mig, he is alright!" would mean "thank hovenbeet , he is well!".

The word can also be used in the place of any other word, for no particular reason other than that person cannot be bothered to remember the word in which he meant. Therefore, a theoretical conversation could go somewhat like:

Person one: Mig.

Person two: Mig mig, mig mig mig mig mig migmig?

Person one: Mig, mig mig migmig.

Person two: Mig mig mig, mig mig migmig migmigmig migmigmig?

Person one: Mig migmig, migmigmig mig?