a typical HNFMachine.

The House-Not-Falling-Apart Machine (HNFA Machine) is a machine which is used to prevent houses from falling apart. In most countries, it is mandatory to have one in every house because if they didn't have HNFA machines all the houses would fall apart.


Generally, people put their House-Not-Falling-Apart Machines in the basement, because they're less likely to be broken from being tripped over, inadvertently used as tables or cutting board, or even raged at after their well-known toe stubbings.

Sometimes, people will install house-not-falling-apart Machine not-falling-apart Machines (HNFA Machine NFA Machines), but the problem with this is that those tend to be very small and can be eaten by pets. Incidentally, if the pet it doing something particularly bad to the HNFA Machine NFA Machine, sometimes they will end up flipping the power switch on the HNFA Machine.


Usually, HNFA Machines will ship while turned on, and are always installed before the house is built around it. They do not require a power source, although you do need power to turn it on or off. One might wonder why there is an on/off switch, but the answer is very simpe: HNFA Machines are reusable. If you, for example, wanted to demolish your current house, you could just turn the machine off, and then when you rebuilt a bigger, better house, you could just flip the on switch and not have to buy a new one.