Gluddig is an extinct species of oatmeal once known as stickflurp. Gluddig is featured in Count Krakatoa's book

The last known case of Gluddig.

"Escape of the radioactive oatmeal". It is not currently known how to make it, because the parchment has a large hole in it which has oat residue around it.
Oatmeal: Gluddig
Characteristics: Gluddig looks like a standard oatmeal. It is rumoured that you are unable to smell it, because your brain knows that if you could, it would mean instant death.

Step one: Take seven packets of quaker oatmeal and pour it in your toaster.

Step two: Once it's thorougly burnt and stinky, mix with rotten mig fruits.

Step three: Sprinkle gravel on top.

(Here is the aforementioned hole)

Step thirty-four: Add quizmadork's legendary "Flook spice"

Step thirty-five: Mix some type of alcoholic beverage which comes from the planet "Tooglegrumgark fruddle morkis 4, sector zig tork minor"

Step thirty-six: Add fried Gronkinator brain to the paste.

The last step has been made illegible due to some hideous substance being crusted on the paper, although the word "flambe" can be clearly read.