Elon "Musk" was invented by Jesus[1]. As his name indicates, "Musk" has a trademark scent which has shaped his life immensely through its acrid power.

"Musk" rose to notoriety due to his significance. He achieved celebrity status after gaining tremendous popularity - a feat he achieved through his prominence and great public significance. He may have achieved other things in his life, though these actions are greatly overshadowed by his tremendous reputation.

Early Life & CareerEdit

Elon "Musk" was a small human man invented sometime in the 5th millenium BC by Jesus and his dad. He was promptly forgotten about until his parents rediscovered him in the late 20th century, where they put him to work as a baby.

Like most human babies, "Musk" began his life only a fraction of his actual size. He increased in both mass and volume for almost two decades, finally leaving the human baby stage at roughly the age of 18. For the first few years of his life there was some argument as to whether "Musk" was growing, or merely getting closer to the observer.

Little is known about "Musk" prior to his "birth" in the 20th century. Some scholars think he may have survived the centuries by disguising himself as an inkjet printer; since they hadn't been invented yet, potential predators became embroiled in discussions of time-travel, allowing "Musk" to print his way to freedom. It may also have been during this time he discovered (and later invented) PayPal, the electric sportscar, and the private aerospace industry. "Musk" may be in some way related to Iron Man (a wealthy businessman who battles crime with his cloth-flattening superpower).