The Electric Digeridoo (or Digeridon't) is an interesting instrument which was invented one day by Stevemig while locked in a trunk. In appearance, it looks rather like a Digeridoo (in being a long, dark-brown wooden pipe with carvings on it), though it is slightly longer than average and it's carvings depict great religious battles of the Space Organ.

To play a Digeridon't, you need to know how to use the keyboard, three slides, and fourteen valves. You see, the Digeridon't is many times longer on the inside and is full of mutilated and tangled pipes, similar to the valving of a spanish flute, also known as a french horn. The slides control the octave, and each of thirty-seven positions may be used to play in each of thirty-seven octaves. The valves control the accidentals, because the Keyboard doesn't have "Black Keys". You press a valve and a key to play a flat or sharp (seven sharps and flats each, making fourteen valves). The keyboard also consists of seven keys, which are of varying sizes, because the inventor didn't like certain notes. If one were to make the keys of the same size it won't work properly for some clever reason.

The chief problem with the Electric Digeridoo is the great number of arms and fingers needed to play it: You need six arms for the slides, plus a total of fourteen fingers for the valves for certain notes. You also need two spare hands to play the keyboard, plus several arms to hold such a heavy instrument. Four mouths are needed to inflate the bag that fuels the Digeridon't (Similar to an upside down bagpipe; you blow in the pipes and the mouthpiece goes into the intstrument). A final hand is needed to control the Amp, which is specificly designed for the Electric Digeridoo, and has a keyboard of it's own for different types of sound the instrument makes, plus a rest button.

Due to these limitations, the instrument is almost never seen in an orchestra. Once, the great composer known as Sir Flud of Grigmig genetically engineered a series of aliens able to play the instrument. This band became known as the DigeriMigs, who unfortunately suffered a series of tragic playing accident during their first performance, the precise details of which are still a mystery to this day. It was said to have been the most wonderful thing anyone had ever heard, which is possibly why the Great Space Organ was lurking about.