We hope you have come here from the Disclaimer . If you haven't, piss off.

The page that you are currently interpreting is a disclaimer for a wiki participating in a massive experiment in stochasisity. Due to the nature of the experiment, one can generally assume that everything on the wiki has been written by people who were, so to speak, completely bananas. You therefore have to assume that everything on this wiki is totally not true. In the event that it is, then the truth is probably wrong as well. Remember: Everything is a lie*. 

  • This includes the cake, Briefcase Crocodile, Dingo bird, Mig Newton, Etc. By the way, we're not responsible for any of this. Which is a lie. Everything is a lie. Even that might be a lie, which might mean that stuff could be true, which is aforementioned to be a lie. We're totally not monitoring you right now. Or watching you through the window. Or standing behind you. And stop making a goofy face, it's not a part of the experiment. Unless that's your natural face, in which case we suggest you get it surgically removed*.