A simple diagram of ElephantBag.

Cryogenics Elephant is an elephant which was put into cryogenics at some point in the 20th century. This was done after the elephant died of a tragic hang glider crash in Pennsylvania. It was then put into cryogenics in hopes that it would captivate the hang gliding world once more. Horribly, though, its cryogenics unit was not large enough, so they were forced to leave its trunk sticking out. However, they did not realize that when they put the elephant into cryogenics, it was not fully dead. Rather, it was in a state of a "supercoma", if you will. When they turned the freezer on, it killed the elephant. But, since its trunk was not actually IN the freezer, it remained alive.

As you can imagine, it isn't very pleasant to be a living body part attached to an otherwise non-living body. As a result, the trunk developed a very grumpy and belligerent attitude, and now it flings stuff whenever it is within flinging range.

At some point, the cave that Cryogenics Elephant's unit was in caved in. It was then buried.

Then, around the late 20th century or early 21st century, cryogenics elephant was discovered by kikiwa who at the time was trying to make his house. Kikiwa, seeing the possibilities of having an evil elephant trunk adopted it. He now terrorizes stuff with it.