You may have noticed that in today's society, many stupid people wear hats that sag at the back and seem to have
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This is a more severe case.

something secret concealed inside of them. After some experimenting was done on non-consentual strangers, it was discovered that, in most cases, the brain was oozing out of their head and they were using the Cap to conceal it. 


Unfortunately, as the brain oozes out, the nerves begin to soften in that part of the brain. Invariably, upon amputation of the oozing brain, subjects would always freeze and begin to chant "Refrigerator, refrigerator, refrigerator..." The reason for this is the part of your brain that oozes out is known as the "Material Cerebrum", and it is responsible for storing information about and making sense of elements of everyday life. The one exception to this is the refrigerator, which is inexplicably processed in an entirely different part of the brain.

Brain Cap

As a result, it is commonly suggested that if your brain isn't leaking out, you shouldn't wear a sagging hat, otherwise people will get the wrong idea.